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  J Presley Consulting catering to the spa & resort industry. Specializing in staff training, spa updates and make overs in the US and Caribbean.

Destination vacations and weddings are becoming a fast growing market! At present, spas & resorts cannot meet the needs or the expectations of their guests. Advertising dollars are being spent but the key is an updated well trained staff, professional salons and products.J Presley Consulting offers the solutions.

Staff Training

J Presley Consulting is an innovative opportunity for spas & resorts targeting the growing market of destination holidays and weddings. We give hands on training to provide staff with the knowledge they require in wedding hair, coloring techniques and in depth color knowledge. We also teach the latest cutting trends. With these skills, salon professionals will obtain a reputation and expand their business potential. Clear, concise and inspiring.. these workshops will motivate staff's creative skills.